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Annie S.

My name is Annie S.!

I am at DOB dancer in the Dazzlers, Company H, Company S, Company U, and Company O. I have been dancing for 11 years and my favorite style of dance is Contemporary and Musical Theatre.

My favorite dance I have done in the past is, “Come Rest Your Head”. It was so good and I danced it for my dad. Also, “Le Jazz Hot”.

My biggest dance inspiration is Michelle Lucas. She inspires me because she has always believed in me and my dreams. She pushes me HARD to be my very best and doesn’t go easy on me. She knows what it takes to dance on the Broadway stage and I am lucky to have her as my mentor.

This year I want to accomplish more complex skills and combinations, 1 step aerial, scorpion turn, double leg hold turns in both directions and just stronger in all my turns!

Some of my favorites:
  • Color: Light Blue and Light Pink
  • Food: Taco Bell
  • Song/artist: Anything from Beetlejuice or Mean Girls the Broadway Musical
  • TV Show: Reign
  • Movie: The Bee Movie, Beetlejuice

The one thing you need to know about me is that one day you WILL see me on the Broadway stage and a Radio City Rockette. This past summer I spent a whole month in NYC at IAMT Broadway Bootcamp learning from Broadway dancers. I dream big…